“Writing is magic
for those willing

to follow their imagination

to a region where anything is possible”


William Kotzwinkle

About Ann Marie Meyers

I was born in Trinidad and grew up surrounded by mango trees and palm trees, the smell of the ocean, the warmth of the sun and people. Yet always, in the background, there was a pulse in the air that tugged at my awareness, a whole other reality that thrived within Trinidad’s folklore, an energy embedded in words like douens, soucouyant and Papa Bois, to name but a few.

School Visits

Ann Marie Meyers in a school visit - gymnsium

Written for children 8 – 12, UP IN THE AIR empowers students to overcome obstacles and realize their dreams. The book is an allegory that all children can relate to, and it encourages them to face their fears and surmount daily challenges. I relate this work of fiction to life experiences in order to enhance the language-arts curriculum with a focus on building self-esteem and inspiring kids to see possibilities.

Up In The Air


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