April 2017

Bringing Books To A Child’s Doorstep

It’s always nice to meet someone who believes strongly in the importance of good children’s book. It’s even more amazing when that person goes a few steps further to bring such books to the awareness of parents and kids. Helen Antoniades has accomplished this feat in a huge way by creating Butterfly Books: bringing books Read more

Embracing The Down Periods

Sometimes I get so embroiled in the wanting of my goals and in the longing for the fulfillment of my dreams NOW that I become frustrated and depressed as to why ‘things are taking so long to happen. I also dwell too much on the past and on the future, and don’t pay enough attention to what Read more

When Fate Steps In and You Step Way Up

People write for many reasons. Some know it’s their passion from early on, others might figure this out later or decide to write a memoir or informational book. Still others go through a life-altering experience and their focus changes, priorities shift and a writer is born. This is what happened with Brian Abela whose son Read more