May 2017

And they all lived happily ever after

“And they all lived happily ever after” As a child, I used to love reading those words at the end of fairy tales. Just the knowledge that everything would be all right from that point forward was enough to make me happy. Cinderella’s life would be perfect. Snow White would marry her prince and live Read more

Conflict In Stories

  Have you ever wondered what it takes to tell a great story? What draws people in? Today I have L.K. Hill, author of BASTIONS OF LOVE, who will tell you all about how to create conflict in your story to keep your readers reading.     Great Conflicts by L.K. Hill   The key to Read more

It All Starts From Within

There’s a man called Lester Levinson who claimed that all problems stemmed from three things: wanting approval, wanting control and wanting safety, and that this constant wanting equaled lack. I tend to think he has a point.   That said, I don’t believe he was referring to that initial desire that inspires dreams and brings Read more