Author Interviews/Features

When Fate Steps In and You Step Way Up

People write for many reasons. Some know it’s their passion from early on, others might figure this out later or decide to write a memoir or informational book. Still others go through a life-altering experience and their focus changes, priorities shift and a writer is born. This is what happened with Brian Abela whose son Keep reading >>>

Reissue of Shadows of Valor by Elsie Park

Something dark stirs within the peaceful walls of the prosperous city of Graywall, something only the mysterious knight-spy known as The Shadow—a man torn between a sense of justice and revenge—can overcome. In reality the nobleman Sir Calan, The Shadow is sent to hunt down smugglers who have run rampant after the levying of a Keep reading >>>

Spreading Hope

With all the negative and depressing things happening in the news these days, it was refreshing to find out that a mother (Densie Sheppard) and her fifteen-year old daughter (Jamie Sheppard) put together a quarterly magazine aimed at featuring positive accomplishments of kids and their impact in their various communities.     The magazine is Keep reading >>>

Interview with YA author Megan Crewe

Like many authors, Megan Crewe finds writing about herself much more difficult than making things up. A few definite facts: she lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and son (and does on occasion say “eh”), she’s always planning some new trip around the world, and she’s spent the last six years studying kung Fu Keep reading >>>

What makes an artist?

I love meeting artists. Their ability to capture emotions and depth on paper never fails to intrigue me. I’m pretty sure that what inspires artists is a similar driving force that writers experience in the depths of their being to create. The thing is that surroundings and experiences do shape lives and hence decisions to Keep reading >>>


Since the launch of MALAIKA’S COSTUME, a picture book by Nadia Hohn, I’ve been amazed at the energy Nadia has put into her presentations. Not only does this amazing author talk to the kids with passion and excitement, but she dons her costume and dances with her audience.   It’s Carnival time. The first Carnival Read More –>

Probing An Illustrator’s Mind…

Debbie Ridpath Ohi is someone who views life with a difference. She perceives patterns and images in just about anything. Take for example broccoli. Or a simple flower. That said, Debbie is also an author. After illustrating an outstanding number of books [see her bio below], Debbie went on to write her first solo book Keep reading >>>

Out Of The Darkness – A Story about Suicide Survival

No one likes to think of suicide or that this might affect kids in any direct or indirect way. Yet it does happen more often than we’d like to admit and this is why I’ve decided to feature Out of the Darkness Into The Light by Kerri Gardner. This is a memoir that deals with Keep reading >>>

How many words do you really need to tell a story?

Writing a good Picture Book (PB) is an art. It includes the ability to tell a story in a few hundred words, with strong characters, a tight plot, drama and an empowering message for kids; the very elements, in fact, of a ‘novel’. I have tried and fall short of such an accomplishment. However, today Keep reading >>>