Author Interviews/Features

Probing An Illustrator’s Mind…

Debbie Ridpath Ohi is someone who views life with a difference. She perceives patterns and images in just about anything. Take for example broccoli. Or a simple flower. That said, Debbie is also an author. After illustrating an outstanding number of books [see her bio below], Debbie went on to write her first solo book Read more

Out Of The Darkness – A Story about Suicide Survival

No one likes to think of suicide or that this might affect kids in any direct or indirect way. Yet it does happen more often than we’d like to admit and this is why I’ve decided to feature Out of the Darkness Into The Light by Kerri Gardner. This is a memoir that deals with Read more

How many words do you really need to tell a story?

Writing a good Picture Book (PB) is an art. It includes the ability to tell a story in a few hundred words, with strong characters, a tight plot, drama and an empowering message for kids; the very elements, in fact, of a ‘novel’. I have tried and fall short of such an accomplishment. However, today Read more