Musings of a Writer

Diversity Matters!!

    With all this talk about diversity… Well here’s my take.     Imagine a world without diversity, where everyone looks pretty much the same, acts predictably, and where conversations are a buzz of nodding heads and bored smiles because we all think alike. How interesting would that be? Diversity adds spice to life Read more

Thinking Things Through

  Some of you may know how much I love cats. You might also know that I recently adopted two kittens. Well, the minute I brought them home I became overwhelmed. This is crazy! Two kittens? What was I thinking!!??   Yet, as I continued to watch their antics, my concerns dissolved and I started Read more

The Flow Of Time

As I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to write for this week’s post – actually whether or not I should write something or skip a week – I’m reminded of time and how quickly life seems to flow.     Not that the ‘speed’ is obvious; it’s only when I stop and take Read more

When giving up seems like a really good idea

  It’s amazing how many times I thought of giving up on the idea of writing. When rejections came pouring in with no hope in sight, this seemed like the best choice. Questions bombarded my mind without end and my emotions were a seesaw of hope, dreams and doubt.   Why bother? What’s the point Read more

Soaring Eagle in Blue Sky - Letting Go

Letting Go

Khalil Gibran had it right when he wrote: Your children are not your children They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself They come through you but not from you And though they are with you yet they belong not to you   I read a friend’s post the other day about Read more

Young girl in water

I’ve realized over the years that I can be pretty intense at times, especially when I’m in the middle of writing a book and my mind is mulling over plot, tone, character etc. etc. I’m also one of those people who worry way too much. I used to believe that dwelling on problems and trying Read more

Ocean View Blue Sky with Brilliant Sun

Beliefs That Held Me Back

It’s very interesting how a belief, whether true or false, can determine the path we take in life. While I was in secondary school, I remember studying books by D.H. Lawrence, James Joyce and E.M. Forster.  In reading their bios I found their lives to be so very depressing that I developed this unshakeable belief Read more