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The world is Cassie Fremont’s playground. Her face is on the cover of every newspaper. She has no homework, no curfew, and no credit limit, and she spends her days traveling the country with her friends, including a boy who would do the chicken dance with death to make her smile. Life is just about Read more

The Story of the Magic Beans

Actually, this has nothing to do Jack And The Beanstalk or with any kind of fairy tale. It’s about real life and how magical things can happen with perseverance, dedication and the help of a person named Joyce Sweeney. Joyce has the reputation of helping writers become published. To date she has been instrumental in Read more

Book Review: Eleanor The Unseen by Johnny Worthen

It was a gamble for Eleanor to rejoin humanity, but she was driven to it. She’d been too successful forgetting. The last vestiges of her family hung by a thread in her transformed brain and drove her to be reckless. Ten years later, Eleanor hides in plain sight. She is an average girl getting average Read more

When kids speak out about ‘Up In The Air’

Over these past few months, it’s been such a rush to read the reviews about Up In The Air posted on amazon and on goodreads. Yet it’s very hard for me to describe what I felt when I heard that two girls had written a book report on Up In The Air for a school Read more