With all this talk about diversity…

Well here’s my take.



Imagine a world without diversity, where everyone looks pretty much the same, acts predictably, and where conversations are a buzz of nodding heads and bored smiles because we all think alike.

How interesting would that be?

Diversity adds spice to life. Even nature needs to be diverse to thrive. Scientists are concerned about the declining diversity of our planet because animal populations are on the decline; some even close to extinction. Ditto for our flora and fauna. And guess who is contributing to this? We are. Humans! … through pollution, global warming, deforestation, overharvesting and in many other ways.

And now there are some who want to do the same to the human population by denigrating the importance of diversity and attempting to transform it into something unlovable and unacceptable; something to be scorned, not embraced and essential to growth and evolution.

The thing is this:

We’re all connected, whether we like it or not.


I also believe that our inner world reflects our reality. I’ve come to realize that perception is, in a sense, an outward projection of what we believe to be true. It’s a reflection of what we see within ourselves and when we project our thoughts onto the world we see ourselves mirrored there.

For example, whenever I’m upset my day does not go well. I’m impatient with people, I tend to withdraw into myself and brood. My interactions seem distant and off kilter. A hue falls over everything, even the trees and grass; all of nature. I barely notice my surroundings and am unable to appreciate the beauty around me. The opposite occurs when I’m feeling happy or even just ‘’okay’. I reach out to others, I smile a lot. Life is good. The world appears to me to be a much better place.

Here’s what I speculate. If we could see ourselves for the wonderful people we are, would it be possible to see wonder reflected in the people around us regardless of race, color, beliefs; in fact regardless of anything?


AND if we start loving ourselves, and each other as a whole, won’t this be reflected onto the environment and our planet? Won’t we then start to treat it, and each other, with due love and respect?

I actually believe this. And, yes, of course, it’s an idealistic concept. But take a moment to imagine this scenario. Surely if the majority of us do so then by the sheer force of numbers, we could start to change the world.

You know, this could be an interesting premise for a book. But it could also be a phenomenal basis for our reality.

Don’t you think so?


“From the soul one became many. In the soul many are one”. Quote translated from the Mundaka Upanishad