Born in the wrong age, Terron James continually fantasizes of shining steel, majestic stone architecture, thundering cavalry rushes, and opportunities to prove his honor. Under the direction of his queen, Terron labors diligently in his kingdom, striving to prepare an inheritance worthy of his five heirs. When he finally graduated from the University of Utah with his English BA, Terron had become besties with most of the English department staff, as well as the employees of Brio, who make a wicked cup of hot chocolate. Terron currently resides in Tooele, UT. His dream is to capture every sunset with his wife, fingers interlocked, the reflection of his soul in her brown eyes, and the ocean surf rolling over their bare feet. Terron is a junior high English teacher at Excelsior Academy and a former Tooele Chapter president of the League of Utah Writers.  

Insight – Book 1 of the Beholders Trilogy

Tales speak of a long awaited magic returning to the kingdom of Appernysia, found in a young child from a distant village. Even the enemy has joined in the hunt, frantic to recruit him first. But no one can find this rumored Beholder.   Years later, in a desperate attempt to save his twin sister’s life, 17-year-old Lon Marcs discovers he is this Beholder. He rescues Mellai with an intimidating display of power, but the act only brings an onslaught of further pain and suffering. If Lon doesn’t learn how to control this magical gift named True Sight, he will kill himself and everyone he cares for.   Only one option remains. Lon must journey deep into the enemy’s territory, searching for a scholar with ample knowledge of True Sight. But this also means Lon has to leave everything behind, including his beloved Kaylen.   Although this is the hardest decision Lon has ever made, it is only the first of many that will test his strength and challenge his interpretation of right and wrong.

AMM:  Welcome Terron. I know it’s been a long process for you to complete your BEHOLDERS trilogy. Congratulations! What kept you going in the midst of the disappointments and setbacks you experienced?

TJ: First and foremost, I’m a cruel writer when it comes to end-of-book cliffhangers, and I couldn’t sentence my readers to a lifetime of torture that would never end. Also, you’ll laugh at this, but 10 years ago, my loving father challenged me to “finally finish a long term project (my book series) for once in my life.” He meant well and knew exactly where to push me. When all other motivators seemed to fail, my stubborn self clung to my dad’s snarky wit. I HAD to finish. I just had to! My next answer expands more on this question, too.

AMM: Why was this series so important to you?

TJ: How to answer this in a brief paragraph? BEHOLDERS first originated as a response to my own personal reading. I was restlessly searching for a specific type of story that didn’t seem to exist. I eventually decided to write it myself, and with a magic system that wasn’t full of flaws. However, this was just the tip of the sword. Four months later, when I completed the full outline of the entire Beholders series in 2008, I wept. It felt so much bigger than my own ideas, like it was a story that belonged to the world–not just me. The more I wrote, the more this became apparent. BEHOLDERS challenges readers to see beyond the simple black-and-white of our own ignorant lives. Most people aren’t out to see the world burn. They are simply doing the best they can with the cards they have been dealt, and frequently in the best interest of humanity. I don’t believe we are as selfish as we come across. People as a whole are still good. I hope BEHOLDERS inspires everyone to do what must be done, while at the same time stifling rash judgments of others’ actions.

AMM: If you had one thing to tell writers with respect to the writing process, what would it be? And why?

TJ: Writing will never be convenient. Inspiration only comes to those who actively seek it and set aside regular time to harness it. Oh, and remember that an author must write for himself or herself alone. I know that might sound hypocritical after my previous answer, but hear me out. If you are only writing to please someone else, you’ll never experience the satisfaction of what true authorship feels like. Don’t do it for money (which you’ll never earn). Don’t do it for everyone’s approval (which you’ll never obtain). Do it because YOU want to do it, and be proud of yourself when you finish a project.

AMM: What’s next?

TJ: That’s the great question, isn’t it? Although I have other stories in my head, my writing bug needs to be caged for a while. My wife and five boys have sacrificed so much over the past decade to make BEHOLDERS a reality, and I’m excited to pay back their time.

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