You set a goal, walk the path towards it and then you achieve it.  Eureka! Success! Yippee!




For years, here is what I believed would happen once I attained my goal of being a published author:

Well, I’ll be happy and finally able to relax and sit back and enjoy the feeling of success. I will be positive and optimistic because I KNOW that everything is possible. I will have made it!!!!

However, that never quite materialized. Okay, maybe for brief periods of time. Did I stress ‘brief’?

Even though my book has been published, and despite good reviews, I still feel insecure at times. I still worry about stuff. I still question myself. I still wonder what other people are thinking about me, and if I’ve messed up, or will mess up.

Truth be told, no matter how successful anyone is, challenges always crop up. That’s a given. Nothing can change this, not even bombarding our minds with affirmations or pretending that everything is dandy.


The thing is: that’s okay! I think that beating ourselves up about the way we feel is a major part of the problem. By accepting what life throws our way, we’ll be better able to deal with whatever crops up. We can either let the situation become all consuming and go along on a rollercoaster ride of emotional twists and turns OR take a few steps back [mentally and physically] and observe, instead of remaining trapped in the ‘why’s of life’.

Of course, it’s easy to realize all this. Acting on this realization will be the hard part. But isn’t awareness half the battle?