Dare to Dream!

Inspiring kids to follow their dreams!


Written for children 8 – 12, UP IN THE AIR empowers students to overcome obstacles and realize their dreams. The book is an allegory that all children can relate to, and it encourages them to face their fears and surmount daily challenges. I relate this work of fiction to life experiences in order to enhance the language-arts curriculum with a focus on building self-esteem and inspiring kids to see possibilities.



Students can:

  • Write essays
  • Write poetry
  • Come up with new chapters to go with the book or create their own stories
  • Develop Art projects
  • Brainstorm the meaning of passages and how it relates to them.

Here is an example of an essay on UP IN THE AIR written by a Grade 5 student as her school project.

Trailers are wonderful. They can tell you so much about a book (or movie). So you can imagine how I felt when I visited one school and found out that the class had produced six trailers on Up In the Air.

Here are two of the trailers created by students.


I am available for school visits and presentations in person and via Skype.

Topics I cover include:

  • How to write Effective Dialogue
  • The birth of Inspiration
  • Character Development
  • Plot Development


If there is a subject not mentioned here which you would like me to discuss, please let me know.




Within a 50 mile radius of Toronto, Ontario*


Classroom visit (one 60 minute presentation) $250.00

School Visit (Two 60 minute presentations) $450.00

*outside Toronto, there may be additional fees.






** If you're looking for an author in the southeastern US, check out my friend Kim Norman at