Some of you may know how much I love cats. You might also know that I recently adopted two kittens.

Well, the minute I brought them home I became overwhelmed.

This is crazy! Two kittens?

What was I thinking!!??


Yet, as I continued to watch their antics, my concerns dissolved and I started laughing and playing with them. They were like kids, innocent, ever present, unconcerned, total trust.

Everything was an adventure to them.

Everything was fun.

They were living in, and for, the moment.

They were exploring and open to whatever happened.

And they also LOVED to cuddle.

I think being bottle-fed since birth went a long way toward making them comfortable with people, and that was fine with me.




These kittens took me out of myself. They cut past my preoccupations with doubt and tickled their way through my worries.



You see, even on a good day, my thoughts are very much like cars zooming along superhighways, and oftentimes it’s hard to get off until I run out of gas. Trust me, that’s not pretty.

Did I think this adoption through fully?


Should I have?



But here’s the thing. Had I sat down and listed – in my head or on paper – all the possible negatives of raising kittens, again, for a possible eighteen years, I would have worried myself out of my desire. Nothing would have changed. I would even now be smiling less and worrying more.

Then I got to wondering. If I’d thought any of my life choices through to the very end, eg: getting married, having a kid, moving to Toronto, deciding to write, AND if I’d considered all the ways things could go wrong and tried to figure stuff out, I would have stayed in my cocoon of safety and never left.

Way too often I question my decisions and start to second-guess myself. I wonder if I’ve made a mistake. I start to doubt. But the truth is this:

Even if mistakes are made, it’s the means by which we grow and learn. Looking at this from a different perspective, mistakes can pave the way to finding our balance and discovering what really matters.


I’ve come to realize that regardless of how much success we have, without inner peace and joy, that success won’t matter. It would be an empty husk.

So let’s live a little, even if that means that, at times, we have to fly by the seat of our pants in order to ride the waves of life.