Over these past few months, it’s been such a rush to read the reviews about Up In The Air posted on amazon and on goodreads. Yet it’s very hard for me to describe what I felt when I heard that two girls had written a book report on Up In The Air for a school project.

With her permission, and with the permission of her parents, I would like to introduce you to one of these girls. Please meet Mia, a Grade 5 student at a Toronto District public school.


Here is what she wrote:


Up in the Air

Have you ever wondered what could happen if your most impossible dream came true?  Up in the Air is an amazing book. There are three reasons why I like this book. Firstly, it is very inspiring and is about a girl like me. Also, it’s really descriptive and engaging. Finally, it has lots of action that makes you want to read more. For these reasons, this is a book I would recommend.

Up in the Air is an exciting and inspirational story. It’s about a girl who wishes hard for an impossible dream and then it comes true. On page 15-52, the main character, Melody, gets transported into the magical land of Chimeroan, where dreams come true. She gets wings and can fly and hunts for treasure. Another good thing about the story is that Up in the Air is about a girl my age, so it’s easy for me to relate to her experiences. On page 224-232 it is a lot like normal lives of kids my age. I think Melody is somewhere between ten and twelve, but it doesn’t really mention her age, except for when it says she’s in fourth grade. The story is inspirational since I can imagine what it might be like to have my dreams come true. For example, on page 85, Melody says “My wings sweep me in the air.”  “I want to shout and yell and scream because this is the best feeling in the entire world.”  This makes me almost feel like I can do anything.

Up in the Air is a really descriptive and engaging book. The descriptions make me feel like I’m experiencing the story. One example of how this book is really descriptive is on page 44 it uses words like “the sunlight blinds me”. It’s like I’m standing really close to the sun, and it’s really bright. Ouch! Another reason the book is really descriptive is because on page 16-17 it says, “there’s a row of towering, jagged rocks”. It was like I was staring at a framed photo, looking at the fantabulous view. In the actual book, Melody was staring down from a mountain at the view. These descriptions really make the book come to life and help make the book great to read.

Up in the Air is a book filled with action. One reason Up in the Air is full of action is like on page 142-147 Melody and her guide, Sara, get trapped by bad witches. I wouldn’t want to be Melody in that part of the book! Another reason Up in the Air is full of action is on page 189-207 when Sara and Melody save their friend from kidnappers. There sure is a lot of action because they have to go into space, but then they get captured too. Imagine being stuck in a situation like that! As you can see, Up in the Air is full of action and keeps the reader very interested.
In conclusion, Up in the Air is a special book. It is awesome and inspiring story about a girl like me. It is also very descriptive. The author says things like “Mere feet away are wings. There’s at least a dozen, all different sizes, shapes and colours” on page 44.  How could you not want to read this book?  And finally, it has lots of action in it. I would definitely recommend this book.
BY MIA  ————